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Top 7 reasons to offer windshield repair services

February 16, 2011
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Professional Carwashing & Detailing recently asked Robert Ellert, marketing manager for Delta Kits, Inc., to explain how windshield repair services could boost volumes and revenues for an average detail shop. Delta Kits is a company specializing in windshield repair and headlight restoration supplies, technologies and training.

1. Repair vs. replacement.
Replacement requires the removal of a windshield, while windshield repair does not. Windshield repair involves injecting a resin into the damaged glass, then curing that resin to create a strong bond, keeping the glass from cracking out. When properly executed, the windshield repair process will restore the structural integrity of the glass while improving the cosmetic appearance.

2. Insurance companies are billed directly.
Nearly all insurance companies waive the customer’s deductible and pay for the full price of a windshield repair. If the deductible is waived, the insurance company can be billed directly, so there is no cost to the customer. This makes selling the service to the consumer very easy.

3. It is cost effective.
Although most windshield repairs can be performed with no out of pocket expense to the customer, a windshield repair costs only a fraction of the cost of a replacement. In the event the insurance company will not waive the deductible, the total cost of the repair is almost always less than the customer’s deductible for a replacement.

4. It is a safe alternative.
Windshield repair doesn’t require the removal of your damaged windshield, so the original factory seal remains intact. Maintaining the factory seal is generally much safer because you’re preserving the integrity of the factory installation.

5. It is a quick process.
In many cases a windshield repair can be completed in 30 minutes or less. However, depending on the complexity of the damage, moisture in the damage, or multiple breaks, the process may take a bit longer.

6. It’s environmentally responsible.
The waste generated from a typical windshield repair weighs less than 1 ounce and fits in the palm of your hand, making it an environmentally friendly service. By contrast, a typical windshield replacement generates more than 25 pounds of waste. That’s 400 times more waste compared to a windshield repair.

7. Business opportunity.
The startup cost for a windshield repair service can be as low as $1,500 and professional quality workmanship can be obtained with very little training. The profit margin for windshield repair is substantial and the demand for this service is extremely high. Windshield repair is a very attractive business opportunity for enterprising individuals of all ages.

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