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Anagraming away!

October 11, 2010
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When you rearrange the letters in DORMITORY you get “dirty room.” How fitting. Unfortunately, rearranging the letters in CARWASH using the online Internet Anagram Server, does not yield the same clever results. On a side note, when rearranging “In bay automatic” we did get “A Bay Atomic Unit” and “Maniac Bay It Out.” For “auto detailing” the most creative one we got was “A Dialogue Tint.”

Here’s what we got rearranging
Arch Saw
Arch Was
Char Saw
Char Was
Crash Aw
Chars Aw
Cash War
Cash Raw
Car Haws
Car Wash
Arc Haws
Arc Wash
Arcs Haw
Scar Haw
Cars Haw
Craws Ah
Craws Ha
Craw Ash
Craw Has
Caws Rah
Caw Rash
What rhymes with carwash?

Jim Callahan, who has worked for more than 40 years as a convenience store and petroleum marketer, is also a poet, or someone who “dabbles” in poetry as he puts it. Jim was kind enough to share one of his latest sonnets with us, based on a true story that happened at one of his locations.

“The Carwash Blues”
By Jim Callahan a.k.a. “Jimmy Blowdry”

Now this here’s the story of Miss Nancy Ledbetter
Got stuck in the carwash and got wetter and wetter!

She entered the building — she was there to clean
She found out that carwash was spittin’ mean!

She’s a great worker — gives that old college try
But made a mistake by trippin’ that magnetic eye!

The water came on — it was a big old gusher
She clung to the drain — it like’d to flush her!

It sprayed her down — soaked her skin
Had no idea what state she was in!

The motors kicked in — there was lots of foam
Hair was a mess — as she reached for her comb!

Went through the wash cycle — next comes wax
Got trifoam conditioner — all over her slacks!

A big blast of air and a bunch of simonize
My God that woman’s got shiny thighs!

Weather so cold she darn near froze
There’s icicles hanging from her nose!

When it finally stopped she ran to the store
Told ‘ol Stephanie — I can’t take much more!

She was mad as a hornet — that ain’t no lie
She said the least it could do — is fluff & dry!

Here’s what we got rearranging
A Tiled
A Tilde
Ad Tile
Ad Lite
Deal Ti
Deal It
Lade Ti
Lade It
Lead Ti
Lead It
Dale Ti
Dale It
Delta I
Dealt I
Aid Let
Lad Tie
Tad Lei
Tad Lie
Teal Id
Tale Id
Late Id
Eta Lid
Tea Lid
Ate Lid
Eat Lid
Tali Ed
Tail Ed
Alit Ed
La Edit
La Tide
La Tied
La Diet
At Deli
At Idle
At Lied
A Ed Lit
A Led Ti
A Led It
A Id Let
Ad Let I
La Ed Ti
La Ed It
At Led I