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Adding power, choices and value

October 11, 2010
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The central vacuum system is a major factor in the success of the express exterior carwash. Customers want a vacuum system that is user-friendly and one that enables them to clean quickly and efficiently with little effort or elbow grease.

The evolution of the central vacuum system
Many innovations have helped improve central vacuum systems. From new and more efficient vacuum producers and debris separators, to modern vacuum accessories and hose delivery systems, these systems are large enough to meet the demands of a successful express exterior wash.

Along with these advancements comes the need for more power. Today’s washes are larger than ever. Operators need to fill 16 spaces minimum, with some properties capable of servicing 40 or more vacuum stations.

Based on operator feedback, we have found 85 percent of express customers will use the vacuum system to vacuum their car. On a busy day, the central vacuum system must be able to provide enough power for every vacuum station. Remember: One bad experience for just one customer can translate into hundreds, even thousands, of lost profits for your business.

New options for central vacs
Newer and better performing engineered central vacuum systems are now available with many options such as:

  • Energy-saving VFDs (variable frequency drives) to lower a vacuum’s electrical requirements and cost.
  • More efficient and quieter vacuum producers.
  • Filtered separators designed to provide the proper debris separation and handle the airflow and pressure requirements of the vacuum system.
  • Debris separators that remove large objects such as pens, pencils, change, jewelry, moisture, etc. (all things commonly found inside of a car) at the vacuum hose connection to prevent piping system damage and clogging. It also allows for the recovery of items vacuumed up in error at the hose location.
  • Vacuum hoses designed to prevent clogging and improve performance.
  • Above ground and below ground vacuum hose delivery devices such as vertical stanchions with separators; arch vacuum stanchions with separators; awnings; overhead lights; and trash receptacles that put the vacuum hose drop at the middle of the vehicle.
  • Centralized coin-vac separators and stanchions now available for those who want to charge for each vacuum.

Why free is the way to be
The free vacuum express exterior tunnel carwash is here to stay and can draw in and keep customers.

Customers have a choice and when they see the word “free” it definitely draws them in and keeps them coming back.

They might even spend a little more on a wash knowing they will get to vacuum out their cars for free.

With the economy in the tank and thousands of people losing their jobs and budgets stretched thin, the express exterior tunnel carwash with free vacuum will continue to help the carwash industry grow and move forward because of lower operational cost to the owner and lower cost to the consumer.

Tom Tucker has been engineering, designing and manufacturing central vacuum cleaning systems for all types of vacuum applications worldwide for over 40 years. He is also the founder and president of Vacutech in Centennial, CO.

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