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Get free publicity for your detail biz

May 13, 2009
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How can you let thousands of people know about your business without having to pay for the publicity?

Free publicity is available in many places. You just have to know where to look. The best way to get your business noticed by prospective customers is to figure out what angle you want to use for advertising.

What can your car detailing business do for customers that others cannot? This may take a little thought but you can come up with something that is worthwhile about your business. One way you may get free publicity in your local newspaper is to hold a cookout with free food on a weekend. Have drawings for a free detailing service. Give coupons away during the event for discounts on detail services. Many newspapers have sections that tell the public what is going on in the city in which they live especially during the warm weather months.

If you know a local celebrity, see if you can entice him or her to come to your grand opening. The newspaper may be able to turn the person’s appearance at your detail business into a story.

Invite the radio station to come out to your business on the day of a grand opening or other special event. Radio stations do this all the time to promote themselves as well as a business. If you ask them to come to specifically support your business, they will expect you to buy advertising time with them. However, if your opening has a local celebrity attending, the radio station may come to see if they can get a few words from him/her on the radio. This can work in your favor.

Learn how to pitch your car detailing business to get the free publicity you need. Offer the owner of a radio station or newspaper in your town a free car detailing in exchange for free publicity. People use their cars almost as much as their homes.

They are always getting dirty and when they need detailed, they are going to take it somewhere and get it done. Why shouldn't it be your business? And if they can get it free for giving you a couple of 30 second commercials, this sounds like a great deal to them.

What can you offer at your business that other car detailing businesses do not? Offer a discount for every three to five times that someone uses your business. After the fifth, eighth, or tenth detailing they might earn a free detailing. This is a great way to keep people coming back and you will have all the business you can handle.

Interest the radio station in your business by creating unique advertising opportunities and letting them know your expertise is available for free. Let them know that you are available as an expert interview on car care topics. Send them seasonal press releases regarding car care topics and issues, such as how to protect your car from pollen or snow/salt damage.

It comes down to free publicity: You can call, write or email the radio station and let them know about a fun event or new happening at your business. Put together a giveaway contest for something everyone wants, like an iPod or Nintendo Wii. Once you have generated an interest in your business, you will be amazed at what free publicity can do for you.

Jonathan Taylor is the owner of Strategic Marketing Solutions. You can reach Taylor at

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