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Keep your staff involved and paid accordingly

September 24, 2008
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Here are three tips to reduce unnecessary waste and expenses at your detail shop, courtesy of

Let Your Staff Figure It Out

Are you someone who gets involved with almost every detail of what goes on in your shop, but you want to spend more time working on the business instead of in it? Odds are that you have at least some relatively intelligent employees. After all, you hired them! So, how about letting your staff handle more of the day to day details. The typical shop owner finds that when he or she does so, most items are taken care of in a proper manner. Concentrate on the more critical issues that should be occupying most of your time and allow your staff to do what you pay them for.

Friendlier Flat Rate

Pay systems are often frustrating. Since there are certain benefits to salary or hourly and certain others for flat rate; how about mixing the best of both worlds? Take what would be the right hourly or salary pay for your shop and cut it in half. Then do the same with flat rate. Add both of them together to determine tech pay. The tech now has a more predictable weekly paycheck and the shop benefits from the incentive part. Different levels of the flat rate portion of the system are recommended to maintain proper labor gross profit for the shop depending on the amount of hours produced.