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Writing in favor of mobile detailing

June 15, 2006
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Writing in favor of mobile detailing
Jose Fernandez

"We come to you."

Those four words separate a mobile auto detailing business from a fixed detail shop.

For the mobile detailing customer these four words can be summed up by one more word — convenience. It is no longer necessary to find time to take your vehicle to a detail shop, you can spend your time doing the things you want.

In today's world, most of us live a very busy, fast-paced lifestyle. Finding time to take your vehicle to the detail shop leaves less time for our families and recreation.

On the clock

My clients value their time. Having the convenience of a professional detailer perform the detailing service on-site at our client's location is invaluable.

Not to mention the benefits it provides to the mobile detailer, such as:

  • Service a large number of weekly washes at an office building, giving us more business on our average work day;

  • Service fleets and large vehicles, such as RVs and big rigs;

  • Opportunity to demonstrate services to potential clients while on location;

  • Our vans on the road provide my company with very high exposure to potential customers; and

  • We enjoy a change of scenery daily.

A fully-equipped, well-thought-out detail rig can provide all the services of a fixed location.

We can not only wash, wax, polish and perform just about any service inside or out on any vehicle, but we can do it while satisfying the strictest of environmental regulations.

A mobile rig can be set up for windshield repair, paint touch-up and interior repair, in addition to traditional auto detailing services.

Set-up time to provide on site services with a canopy, water reclaim and other various pieces of equipment is minimal.

Mobility and capability

Being mobile also allows us to perform work that would be impractical for a fixed shop to do, such as servicing a large number of weekly washes at an office building or a number of wash and waxes for a client with many vehicles.

A mobile auto detail business can also adapt easily to service fleets and large vehicles such as RVs and big rigs.

We recently detailed 45 vehicles for a major vehicle manufacture that held a press launch for a new model at a local prestigious hotel.

We were able to arrive early every morning for five consecutive days and detail the vehicles to perfection before removing our equipment in time for the unveiling of the vehicles later in the afternoon.

It would have been a logistic and manpower nightmare to get the same 45 vehicles to a detail shop and back every day.

While on-site we meet prospective new customers. We have the opportunity to demonstrate our services and answer questions for those potential customers while on location.

Being mobile also allows us to take our service into select prime markets while skipping areas that don't meet the standards for the type of clients we target. We have serviced client's vehicles up to 300 miles away from our home city.

Our vans traveling on the roads in the area we service provides my company with high exposure. My vans are traveling billboards and we get many calls from people who have seen them traveling about.

We also enjoy the change of scenery daily.

Mobile detailing gives the detailer more face time with customers, more exposure time with new customers and also enables the detailer to do bigger jobs than the fixed-site location.

If the detailer takes the time to build a quality mobile business and make good investments, the paybacks will be numerous.

Jose "Joe" Fernandez is president of Superior Shine Mobile Auto Detailing Inc. in Covina, CA.