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Is your carwash safe and secure?

From preventing break-ins, to making sure customers are safe, it’s best to make sure you’re taking every necessary precaution.

September 24, 2013
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Protecting you from customer disputes

Video surveillance in particular, is an essential tool in helping carwash owners settle customer disputes, said Ray. “One of the most common problems is a customer claiming that the carwash caused damage to their vehicles. Video surveillance can help the carwash owner determine if the damage on the vehicle was already there prior to the vehicle entering the wash facility. The video system now becomes the judge and jury of a dispute instead of the carwash operator having to verbally convince customers that the damage was already there and that the wash did not cause it.  Obviously, the higher the quality of the video system and its installation, the more pre-existing damage the car wash owner may be able to document and show.” 

Another area where video surveillance can be a valuable tool for carwash owners is disputing or proving that a theft did or did not occur, especially at full-service washes where customers are waiting and away from their vehicles for an extending period of time, said Ray. “Video cameras placed at the vacuum station or detail area, where employees are working directly inside customer vehicles, can help deter potential theft or prove or disprove an incident. In the event a customer claims a personal

belonging was stolen from their vehicle, the video recording of the area’s cameras may be able to confirm or refute that an employee actually stole the item(s) in question from the customer’s automobile.”

Video surveillance, added Ray, depending on where cameras are placed and their quality, can also help with other disputes such as whether a particular service was performed, complaints about wait time, accusations of lazy or rude employees, altercations with other customers, malfunction of vending machines or wash equipment, etc.

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