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Starting the year off right

Presenting preventative maintenance schedules for conveyor, in-bay automatic and self-serve carwashes.

December 30, 2013
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Preventative Maintenance Schedule for an in-bay automatic

By David Mathews

If a carwash owner or operator is planning on maintaining their own equipment, we suggest keeping good records of all the part numbers with the date when it was replaced along with any special notes on how it was done. Looking back on this type of information, when the need arises again, can prove to be invaluable when you can’t reach anyone by phone for technical assistance on a Saturday morning when things are busy. We also suggest that operators keep a record of all the phone numbers for any vendors that are associated with the carwash. Also, having the right tools can make any repair job easier. Be sure to ask the manufacturing company or your distributor about any special tools they recommend that you may need to maintain your equipment properly.

Daily Tasks

  • Every morning check the entry system to ensure proper wording is displayed.
  • Empty dollar bill stacker.
  • Check to see if coin hopper has enough quarters to make change.
  • Check bill acceptor and code entry buttons for proper operation.
  • Check the carwash bay for cleanliness and remove any debris. This will help the machine to operate properly
  • Monitor all chemical levels.
  • Change chemical supply line to full container if necessary.
  • Inspect cloth to ensure nothing is trapped in the cloth to cause damage to customers’ vehicles.
  • Check air compressor to make sure it is operating properly (minimum of 100 psi).
  • Listen for any type of air leak from air hoses used in the machine’s operation.
  • Drain twice daily if no automatic drain or airline dryer is present.
  • Observe a carwash in progress. Did the customer receive all options purchased?
  • Watch for anything unusual or and make sure everything is up to standards.
  • Check vacuums, air machines and any other added services that a customer may use.
  • Finally, if any problems exist that cannot be corrected, contact the appropriate service personnel.

Monthly Tasks

  • Clean all of the glass.
  • Check for any leaks ( water / oil ) on equipment or equipment room.
  • Making sure all carwash lighting is working properly (including marketing/signage lights).
  • Pressure wash bays and equipment.
  • Clean out chemical pumping stations.
  • Check wear of wash material (cloth or polyflex material).
  • Check entry system for proper operation including receipt paper, giving proper change and taking credit cards.

Annual Tasks

  • Check valves on your high-pressure pumping station.
  • Change the oil in the air compressor.
  • Change oil and filter for the carwash (if applicable).
  • Flush chemical lines out  (Clorox solution works well).
  • Check umbilical lines (air, water, electrical and chemical lines) for wear and replace as necessary.

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