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Calif. water regulators approve fines for water wasting, including at-home carwashing

July 16, 2014
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The State Water Quality Control Board approved fines up to $500 for water wasting activities on Tuesday, according to Fox News.  

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The state of California, notes the article, is going through its worst drought in nearly four decades. A survey by the State Water Quality Control Board showed the state had failed to reach the 20 percent reduction in water usage that Gov. Jerry Brown has been hoping to achieve. Water use, according to the survey, actually increased 1 percent in May 2014 versus the same time the previous year.

The new fines will be handed down for activities that are deemed water wasting, like lawn watering, landscaping and at-home style carwashing. Only what is determined to be wasteful, such as watering a car without a nozzle on a hose, will lead to fines, and not all at-home carwashing.

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“Our goal here is to light a fire under those who aren’t yet taking the drought seriously,” Water Board Chairwoman Felicia Marcus said after the 4-0 vote to approve the measures.

The new regulations, continues the article, will begin in early August, and will afford cities and water districts power over how they hand down the fines. A one-time offender, for instance, may receive a warning, while repeat offenders may be given a $500 fine, the most that can be handed down in a single day.

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There may be additional measures taken, noted Marcus, if the fines prove to be less effective than expected.  

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