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April 22, 2011
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Make The Most of Your Site … With Equipment Designed for Maximum Profit-Per-Foot™!


Founded in 1969, Belanger, Inc. is a full-line car wash equipment manufacturer whose offerings maximize wash bay Profit-Per-Foot™. Whether it's a tunnel car wash, touchless or soft-touch in-bay automatic, drive-through wash or large vehicle wash, Belanger® car wash equipment features low maintenance requirements, exceptional cleaning performance, and high revenue potential.

The CURE for the "Common Car Wash!"

Signature® Series Tunnel Equipment


Anyone can equip a tunnel to produce clean cars. The savvy operator goes beyond that — to produce a memorable experience. Done right, a car wash should appeal to the senses, while reassuring customers the wash is safe for them and their vehicles.

That's why Belanger developed the Signature® Series. With its bright powder-coated finish and eye-catching elliptical beams, the Signature® Series looks like no other car wash on the market. (read more!)

Your In-Bay's Future Just Got BRIGHTER!

Saber® Touchless In-Bay Automatic


An industry first, the Saber® touchless automatic features the Saber Navigation System™ illuminated dual wash arms with RGB color changing LED lights.

The LED lights flash GREEN to encourage customers to 'pull forward,' BLUE for 'back up,' and RED so they 'stop' for washing. This patent-pending technology helps drivers confidently and quickly position their vehicles in the wash bay. (read more!)

An Inviting Bay … A Welcome Clean!

FreeStyler® Soft-Touch In-Bay Automatic


Belanger's FreeStyler® is the most advanced in-bay soft touch automatic available in the industry! Every aspect of the FreeStyler® was carefully designed to deliver the most comprehensive combination of performance features available in the market today!

To further enhance the customer's overall car washing experience, the FreeStyler® is engineered with an overhead gantry design. This overhead design ... (read more!)

DuraShiner® Drips Profit, Not Chemical!

DuraShiner® CV Automatic Tire Shiner - for Tunnels


Seasoned car wash operators know that automatic tire shining can be a huge money-maker. But now, that revenue doesn't have to carry the price tag of high aggravation. Belanger's DuraShiner® CV delivers consistent shine, "Rim-to-Tread"™, with as little as one ounce of chemical per vehicle — less than half what other designs require.

With the DuraShiner® CV, the bottom line is the dressing stays on the tire, and off your floor, walls, and ... (read more!)

Now Any Wash Can Shine Tires ... Even Yours!

DuraShiner® CF Automatic Tire Shiner - for In-Bays


The patented DuraShiner® CF from Belanger is the world’s first and only automatic tire shiner specifically designed for in-bay wash applications. It’s built to work for in-bay operators, bringing immediate new revenue, and quality results that sustain repeat business.

The DuraShiner® CF overcomes even extreme vehicle orientation issues, with Floating Head Technology™ that auto-aligns the applicator rollers with each wheel ... (read more!)

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