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Blending companies

October 11, 2010
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Brent McCurdy is co-owner of Blendco Systems, LLC, a provider of carwash detergents, protectants and other related chemicals to all segments of the carwash market, headquarted in Bristol, PA. The company, which sells throughout North America and internationally, recently joined forces with DuBois Chemicals, a specialty chemical manufacturing company based in Sharonville, OH.

McCurdy talked to Professional Carwashing & Detailing about the recent merger, as well as the company’s new environmentally-friendly cleaning certification program, “Cleaner and Greener”™.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing: Tell us a little bit about how and why you got started in this industry.

Brent McCurdy: I have always been into cars and keeping cars clean. From my first car — a 1973 Super Beetle, I have kept it as clean as if it was a $150,000 Bentley. I used to detail cars in high school, but luckily my detail business didn’t thrive because it kept me working hard in college.

When I graduated from college I tried to buy my first tunnel carwash in Bristol, PA. It didn’t happen then, but I now own a carwash 20 years later with some other partners. In college I studied chemistry and biology and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology and went on to work for FMC Corporation, an industrial chemical supplier. Ten years later that path crossed me with that of Blendco’s and the rest is history.

PC&D: Please tell us about Blendco’s recent news involving DuBois Chemicals and how this deal come about.

BM: DuBois via Riverside approached us about a strategic purchase to add to the investment Riverside had made with DuBois. DuBois is a large supplier to the industrial cleaning segment and had a medium-sized transportation business (mostly buses and trucks) and it seemed logical to bolt on a successful carwash group they could use to further their market presence in the transportation segment.

DuBois brought to Blendco an opportunity to increase our overall share of the transportation business as well as new products, innovation in research and development, buying power, and lower costs in terms of manufacturing. Blendco Systems, LLC, remains a wholly owned subsidiary of DuBois and will continue to operate under the Blendco name.

PC&D: What are the goals of this newly combined partnership?

BM: The goal for Blendco is to leverage Blendco technology, such as the patented SuperSat process, throughout the entire transportation cleaning business worldwide. Obviously we have huge growth objectives but the details of this growth and timing is confidential.

Suffice it to say we are looking for synergistic opportunities between the traditional DuBois markets and the traditional Blendco markets in ways that will significantly increase our global opportunities as a transportation cleaning supplier.

PC&D: Carwash formulated detergents, polishes and protectants are making a lot of news recently due to their negative or positive environmental impact. Tell us how Blendco is reacting to these market changes.

BM: Blendco is well positioned in the area of chemicals and the environment because the SuperSat process — a core to how we go to market — is by its nature very efficient in packaging. Further, Blendco saw the shift to green several years ago and for virtually every product category we offer a green version for customers to access. Blendco has recently launched our “Cleaner and Greener” program to help certify and recognize environmentally-friendly carwashes.

PC&D: With the current state of the economy, what can carwash operators and owners do to make sure their chemicals last longer and work more efficiently?

BM: Dialing in your chemistry is one of the key skills that any detergent provider has to be skilled in. A skilled technical resource should be able to look at any wash and quickly identify where the products are being overused and where they need to be maintained to get a clean, dry vehicle. Blendco representatives excel when it comes to making detergents and chemicals efficient both in function and in cost.

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