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Fourth location boasts new technology, Tim Horton’s

HOLLAND, Mich. — The company develops the equipment for its wash based on years of experience.

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Planning, protecting and profiting in 2015

Don’t let sudden maintenance needs catch you off guard.

Avoiding equipment breakdown and other issues keep your wash running smoothly and your customers happy.

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Are doors really necessary?

Protect your wash from cold weather and noise complaints.

Seven reasons why doors are essential to a carwash business.

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Built to last equipment requires your attention

Using chemicals wisely

Ensure a stronger bottom line with the proper use of chemicals.

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Enforcement practices for employees

Promote the correct use of safety equipment to keep employees and your business safe.

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The various uses of VFDs

Saving energy and saving money with one investment.

VFDs are often installed to save utility costs, and they also serve to deliver better performance from your equipment and create a more pleasurable customer experience.

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Industry Watch - December 2014

A listing of the latest association, company and hiring news in the car care industry.

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Proper maintenance is essential

Establish a reliable reputation by keeping vacuums up and running.

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Generate more profits with additional services

Grow your business and provide the finishing touch for customers' vehicles.

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