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California's themed carwashes

Rock 'n' roll themed location is music to one wash owner's ears.

A firsthand look at the new carwash trend in the 'Entertainment Capital of the World,' Los Angeles.

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How to start a carwash: Monitoring chemical use

Once a chemistry balance has been set, owners should look for the most effective methods to check and monitor their wash's use of chemicals.

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Balancing your chemical use

Create a detailed checklist to ensure clean vehicles without wasted product.

There is little doubt that waste is the one of the biggest enemies of a profitable business.

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Don't Let the Packaging Fool You

Lustra™ Tip of the Month
With the advancement of car wash chemistry there has been a shift to concentrated chemicals that are packaged in smaller containers.
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The Five Factors of Clean: Chemistry, Part 2

The final article in this series talks about surfactants and how to deal with ever changing road film.

The Five Factors of Clean: Chemistry, Part 1

This first part will focus on alkaline and acidic cleaners.

Special Edition Newsletter: Chemistry

This month's special topic: Chemistry
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A Q&A with the managing director of Blendco Systems

Editor Debra Gorgos discusses chemical trends, requests, and mistakes with industry expert Brent McCurdy.
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Battling dirty bays

No-scrub cleaning chemicals help operators effectively strike back against grimy, dingy carwash walls.
One way to discourage repeat business is to ignore site maintenance and cleaning. No-scrub cleaning chemicals can help strike back against grimy, dingy carwash walls.
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