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September 2014

2014 Detailing Survey Report

The 2014 Detail Industry Benchmark Survey Report gathers information from owners and operators.

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Finding an average profit margin

How to answer one of the most frequently asked questions in the carwashing industry.
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Factoring the average profit margin per car washed

One of the most searched questions in carwashing is the average profit margin per car washed. The answer varies depending on factors like the region, quality of the vehicle output, quality of the operator and equipment brand.
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Using the telephone

Ever telephoned your own business as a mystery caller? Were you pleased with what you heard? If your answer is ‘no,’ don’t fret — the situation can easily be improved.

An Industry Perspective...These two ideas will help you wash more cars

I suggest operators roll up their sleeves, sharpen their focus, and engage their customers on two key questions.

The Importance of Making Urgency an Everyday Emphasis

Lustra™ Tip of the Month
By now you have probably seen a car wash or many car washes that advertise the 3-minute exterior car wash or a 15-minute full-service wash.
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New profits from new products

Greeting cards and impulse items can attract customers and increase interest in lobby sales.

Pick a Partner or Two and Peak Your Profit

Lustra™ Tip of the Month
Car wash operators are always looking for new ways to increase their revenue and drive more business into their sites.
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Having the Necessary Parts on Hand to Eliminate Loss of Revenue

CarWash College™ Repair Tip of the Month
At CarWash College™, we stress the fact that one of the most important ways to satisfy customers and increase throughput is by eliminating down time.
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