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From rags to riches with towels

Absorb profits with proper towel techniques.

Learn how to choose and maintain towels.

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Boost holiday sales with automotive gifts

HARTFORD, Conn. — With a marketing push and a little creativity, detailers can get in on the holiday shopping rush.

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Make microfiber towels work for you

The right towels can last longer and give you better results.

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Microfiber tips for detailers

Microfiber cloths and towels for greater efficiency, lower friction and scratching, and easier washing, rinsing and drying, work well for detailers.

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How to maintain microfiber towels

How to maintain towels for maximum efficiency.
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Disposable microfiber

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
The first product to deliver the cleaning power and efficacy of microfiber at a disposable price point.
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Product Spotlight: Tips for towels

Tired of dealing with towel lint? Leave lint behind and increase longevity by following these laundering and usage steps.
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