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The steps of a paint touch up

February 28, 2013
One expert reveals his tricks on how detailers can touch up a scratched vehicle in about 60 minutes and make $95.
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Wash’s bays built with PVC and concrete system

November 2, 2012
DENVER — The built-in PVC finish eliminates the need for other cladding, protection or paint.
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Where to find customers who pay top detailing rates

October 22, 2012
Car shows, car club meet-ups and race tracks are full of people who pay well for a clean and shiny car.
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Poll: What is your most popular service during the fall months?

October 17, 2012
As the leaves change and the weather turns cold, what add-on services do your customers request the most?
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Can wax be put over a sealant?

June 27, 2012
Our detail editor, Bud Abraham, weighs in, and also shares which of the two he thinks is better in terms of durability.
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Keep It Clean

Blendco Systems™ Tip of the Month
September 2, 2010
When I arrive at my car wash any time, day or night, I think of the words an operator shared with me at the Car Care World Expo in Las Vegas years ago...
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Clean Walls

CarWash College™ Preventive Maintenance Tip of the Month
April 30, 2009
This month we are going to talk about maintaining the walls of the car wash tunnel.
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