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Total cost of hiring

Find the right employees and protect your wash's reputation and profits.

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How to start a carwash: Market your business, part 2

Five more tips for promoting a new business and developing the ever-important return customers.

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Joe Kennedy’s Auto Beauty Center

These pieces and other promotional materials developed by Kennedy showcase his basic marketing beliefs. First, be different in your marketing offerings. Next, never market detailing, market yourself.

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Show off your specials

This month's and last month's cover stories were primarily based on what you need to be doing to bring in more customers.
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Formulating franchise growth

After forming a prosperous hand carwash, this father-and-son team turned to car care franchising.

The Laws of Customer Attraction

Blendco Systems™ Tip of the Month
You no doubt employ many savvy techniques to attract and keep your customers coming back to your carwash.
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