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Points to consider when selecting an upholstery tool

December 21, 2011
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Along with wands, the other tool car-care professionals use to clean the interiors of vehicles are upholstery tools. Just as wand technology has evolved in recent years, these systems have also become lighter and easier to use.

Some of the things to look for when selecting an upholstery tool include:

  • Effective cleaning. The upholstery tool should have a high volume water flow for effective cleaning.
  • Fast drying. Some systems have a low moisture effect that helps upholstery dry faster.
  • Comfortable. The upholstery tool should fit right into your hand with a comfortable handgrip and clean where you want to clean effortlessly.
  • Light weight. Weight can vary considerably. Select the lightest weight equipment that performs satisfactorily. Some tools are made of a polymer body that looks like plastic but is composed of synthetic materials that are exceptionally durable and light.
  • Low profile. The system should have a low profile to fit in tight and hard to reach areas.
  • Cool. Make sure the tool remains cool to the touch as it is used; heated water/solution can make some tools warm up, making them uncomfortable to work with.
  • Trigger valve. The trigger valve should be easy to grasp; some upholstery tools now have no trigger valve which helps reduce hand strain.

Robert Kravitz is a writer for the professional cleaning industry. He can be reached at

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