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Poll: Will Nissan's new campaign negatively affect the carwash industry?

October 11, 2010
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On Dec. 2, 2005, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. issued a press release announcing the invention of a new clear paint, “Scratch Guard Coat,” that repairs scratches on painted car surfaces.

The release also claimed that this new paint repairs scratches from off-road driving and carwashing machines, a statement that has made many in the wash industry uncomfortable.

This month’s cover story discusses what the cars of the future will look like and how the industry will have to adapt to clean and care for them properly.

With the advent of this new product and the campaign from Nissan, members of the carwash industry have been left scratching their heads and asking, “Haven’t we come farther than this?”

The International Carwash Association (ICA), the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) and the Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) have spent the last decade working closely with vehicle manufacturers to ensure that cars entering the market today are well-built, have strong accessories and are accessible for repair, in order to enable the independent car-care industry to better service and care for the manufacturers’ vehicles.

Many in the carwash industry feel that Nissan’s new product and campaign may negatively affect the industry and want some sort of statement from the company retracting or clarifying their comments.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing® magazine conducted an unscientific straw poll asking industry members if they thought Nissan’s campaign will have a negative affect on the industry.

Of the 89 people who responded, approximately 53 percent believe the campaign will have an adverse affect on the industry and about 47 percent did not.

Real wash owners weigh in
The following comments are excerpts from Professional Car Care Online’s™ Bulletin Board area where industry professionals interact and communicate. To read the full postings visit

  • ”This press release from Nissan is about as negative toward our industry as I’ve seen in all my years. Are we as an industry just going to let it lay?” Ron
  • ”’Don’t worry about it?’ When a major vehicle manufacturer makes the statement that, ‘the majority of vehicle scratches are caused by carwash machines.’ You must be kidding. There are dozens of ways vehicles get scratches. Only one of which is vehicle washing.

    “It’s one thing for them to advertise this new miracle paint, it’s quite another to do so by attacking our industry.”

    To lump all of us in with those operators and especially car dealerships who still use bristle carwash equipment is not just erroneous, it is completely dishonest and Nissan needs to be called on the carpet…” Bill

  • ”Nissan North American approves carwash systems for their dealers to purchase at low interest financing.”

    Seems quite inconsistent for them to say things about carwashes when, as a company, they use them and encourage their dealers to use them. The negative PR for the carwash industry is something we do not need.

    “I am sure that the ICA will do something to try and get a retraction. What we all ought to do tomorrow is start a letter-email writing campaign to both NISSAN Japan and NISSAN North America indicating we are very upset with this press release and the extremely negative and unfounded charges about carwashes scratching cars, and the inconsistencies in what they say and what they do…” Bud

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The Professional Car Care B2B Trade Group’s™ online surveys are not scientific. The results simply reflect the opinions of those visitors to the Professional Car Care Online™ Web site.