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Carwash employees become real-life heroes

May 3, 2012

MIAMI ­ ― Employees at Expo’s Car Wash here became real-life heroes when they helped rescue a woman and a man from what could have been a deadly fire, WPLG reported.

The May 3 story said employee Dagoberto Perez was at work at the carwash yesterday, when he heard an explosion. “The fire was huge, and the guy was inside, and he was knocked out,” Perez said in the story.

Perez and a few other men then ran towards the fire and saw a man stuck in a truck and a woman stuck inside her car. They were able to pull the woman out of her car.

“The guy was inside, and the truck was on fire. We were trying to help him the best we can,” said Perez in the story. “We get inside and start cutting the seatbelt.” The man was badly burned, but alive. And the woman walked away with minor injuries.

“I ain’t got no other choice. It’s another human being. We should help each other,” Perez said in the story.