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Mark VII® reveals two new products now available

May 15, 2012

ARVADA, CO ― Mark VII Equipment Inc., the US subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, showcased two new products, the SoftLine MT and the WheelJet® at the recent Car Wash Show™ in Las Vegas, a press release stated.

The May 7 press release said the SoftLine MT can retrofit a 35-foot rollover bay with a mini-tunnel. The system includes an "integrated presoak system, wheel/sill brush, triple foam applicators, rinse and wax arches, tire shiner, 40hp or 60hp dryer, controller and motor control center," according to the press release.

Tom Frietsche said in a statement, “A growing number of gas stations and c-stores are washing well over 3,000 cars a month. These sites may leave money on the table if they don’t find a way to increase throughput. If they don’t have room to add another rollover bay, SoftLine MT gives them the ability to triple their wash volume at roughly double the price of a rollover, and that’s a great value proposition.”

The WheelJet option goes with Mark VII's SoftWash XT®, AquaJet XT® and ChoiceWash XT® rollovers.

According to Director of Marketing Steve Robinson, “Our HubScrub® system set the standard for wheel cleaning when we launched it in 2004. WheelJet takes it to the next level by extending at a nine degree angle with a longer stroke to optimize centering on wheels of all sizes. In addition, a larger brush diameter ensures complete coverage of the largest wheels. Finally, integrated high pressure water supplements the brushing process to remove the toughest brake dust and road grime."