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Wash refers to returning pollen as ‘gold dust’

May 31, 2012

BOSTON — Though many people loathe how it looks on cars, wash owners and employees here are welcoming the recent pollen infestation, The Boston Globe reported.

The May 31 story stated that area residents are saying this year’s pollen problems are the worst they’ve ever seen with the yellow dust covering cars, driveways and porches.

The assistant manager at Auto Bright Car Wash, Anthony Scherrer, said this year’s bounty of pollen has made springtime as good for business as the winter season. “We love it — we’re doing a lot of business,” Scherrer said in the story. “We’re doing as well right now as we do in the winter, which is our good time because of the salt.”

Joe Solis, marketing director for Wash Depot Holdings Inc., a company that operates carwashes in four Boston suburbs, agreed. “We refer to pollen as gold dust,” he said in the article.

Several carwashes here have created programs that guarantee customers a clean car for up to 48 hours or several days. One wash even has a program that allows customers to wash their cars daily. The company’s president noted that the popular unlimited program has seen well over 100 new enrollees in the last few weeks, and he thinks it’s probably due to the pollen.