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Daimer introduces new steam car washer

June 13, 2012

WOBURN, MA — Daimer Industries announced a planned new version of the Super Max 12800 steam car washer, according to a press release.

The June 12 release stated that the 12800SCW is powered electrically, but it supports steam product with a combustion engine that can be configured for a multitude of common fuels.

“This new SCW steam car wash offers the full range of our popular features, including steam cleaning and continuous-use capabilities — all within a range of temperatures and pressures designed to be vehicle-finish safe,” Matthew Baratta, auto detailing spokes manager for, said. “The machines have tested out to offer mobility, steam heat cleaning and safety.”

The machine’s heating system peaks at 250 degrees F to remove grease but protect paint and other exterior detailing work. The maximum pressure level is 1,000 psi, a recommended rating for car exteriors.

The system is capable of generating hot water or unheated cold water, and the combustion heating systems reach maximum temperatures in approximately 30 seconds.