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Detailer documents work on 10-year-old Porsche

August 1, 2012

ACCRINGTON, ENGLAND — Jay Purcell from Miglior Detailing submitted pictures of his latest project, the detailing and refurbishing of a 10-year-old Porsche 996 Turbo, to

The July 25 story noted that the customer requested light correction detail to remove paint defects, full wheel refurbishment, leather detail, brake caliper refinishing and brake hub refinishing.

First, the car was washed, then it was clayed, dried and inspected to spot any needed paint repairs. Paint thickness was also measured, and then paint correction was performed.

The calipers and discs were next; then the wheels were fully refurbished. Finally, the paint was waxed, the interior carpets were cleaned and extracted and the interior leather was cleaned and protected.

A full photo gallery including before and after shots can be found here.