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Overbuilt or underperforming?

August 27, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised to see on the Mr. Clean website recently, that another Mr. Clean site is under construction in nearby Roswell, GA.

Some readers might be skeptical. “Why make that kind of investment now?” Atlanta is considered to be a market with too many washes already.

Indeed, express washes have popped up all over Atlanta since inspirational industry pioneer Leon Hartman, now deceased and sadly missed, teamed up with Zeev Josman, a talented and high-energy sales professional.  

Josman today is partnered with Leon’s son Tony as owners of Carwash Services of the Southeast. 

I give the highest mark to these three “movers and shakers.” They seized a hidden opportunity which simply escaped the view of other suppliers.

Notably, the Hartmans and Josman did not see a market which was overbuilt, even though there were hundreds of in-bay washes operating already at self-serve and retail petroleum sites.      

What they did see were washes which were underperforming.

“Competition is not about companies, products or price. Competition is about ideas,” says Gerhard Gschwandtner.

“The best ideas, combined with the best execution, always wins.”

Be careful if, as an operator you now believe your market is overbuilt; it is very possible that someone else sees your washes as underperforming!