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Maximize this opportunity

September 6, 2012

Creating a regular shopping pattern is an important first step in building a larger customer base.

If you are like me, maybe you too are tired of all the politicking this year.

As a carwash operator, perhaps you can plan and implement a promotion designed around the upcoming election, to build a shopping pattern for your customers.

Here is how you might structure this time-specific promotion.

(Note: all promotions should have unmistakable beginning and ending dates.)

There are eight weeks until Election Day, which is Tuesday, November 6.

You will need a double-sided business card. Put your logo and contact information on the front side. Be sure to include your website too, if you have one. Be sure to state on this side the November 6 expiration date.

Next, estimate how many washes your good customers might purchase between now and Election Day.

If you own a full-service wash, maybe they will visit twice, once a month.

If you own an express wash, maybe your good customers will buy three washes.

If you own an in-bay, maybe that number of washes will be four.

What ever that number you select is, designate the next wash as FREE. To sweeten the offer, you could also add One Free Fountain Drink, too, with any in-store purchase.

Get a 1000 of these cards printed, and distribute all of them quickly.

What about the second side, you ask?

Here, put in HUGE, BOLD, RED PRINT, “Free Car Wash On Your Birthday.” (Valid ID required. Driver of vehicle only.)

Appoint a Team Captain. He will measure and record your weekly results.

Be certain to fine-tune this twice a year promo each time you run it.