Professional Carwashing & Detailing

What a great idea!

September 7, 2012

Every week, I see an interesting or attention-getting promotion which a retailer or service business is doing to build a larger customer base.

I hope you are very observant, too.

Hair cutters, pet stores, coffee shops, Goodyear, quick serve restaurants and even dentists are all exceptionally creative (and persistent) in how they promote their businesses. 

Believe me, I need a lot of reminders to get to my dentist!

Where do you get your best ideas for marketing your carwash?

  • My customers;
  • Other car wash operators;
  • Other retail businesses;
  • My suppliers;
  • My employees; and
  • Myself.   

Always remember, in today’s economy, how effectively you communicate with your current and potential customers is as important to your success as the location of your carwash, or the quality in your customers’ eyes, of the final product which you provide.