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Carwashing comes to TV (again)

October 4, 2012

While going through my usual line up of carwash stories last week, something unique caught my eye. A sneak peek of an original show, Switched at Birth on ABC Family, mentioned a character who owns a carwash. According to the plot summary, “John is livid when the carwash is tagged.” How’s that for realism?

In the interest of covering every aspect of the market, I did a little digging and watched a few clips of the show. Judging by the one- or two-minute clips on ABC Family’s website, it looks the carwash was used as a major set for at least one episode this season. In fact, the clip here shows John and (I’m assuming) his daughter arguing about that very carwash tag.

While I would never claim to be a television critic, this show looks to be a teen-focused drama where one of the dads just happens to run a carwash. Still, this show and the others showing interest in carwashing can’t be all bad. Whether it’s the producers of Wife Swap looking for a carwashing family or the wacky carwash commercial that ended up being part of an IFC show, television seems to be showing some interest in the car care industry.

As carwash owners and operators, how do you think television shows can help carwashing in the public eye? How realistic are these shows, and how realistic do they need to be? Also, what stories from your carwash would make a great story for television?