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Blog: Questions and answers

October 25, 2012

As voters make their way to cast their ballots in this year’s heavily-contested election, many will no doubt ponder this critical and gut-wrenching question: “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

This is a terribly important question. I wonder, could it be asked of carwash operators too?

“Is your carwash better off now than it was four years ago?”

The first question, of course, prompts a second one. 

“If your carwash is not better now than it was four years ago, why is that?”

These deceptively simple questions may yield some very noteworthy, revealing and perhaps actionable answers.

As voters, and as carwash operators, I encourage you to take a mandatory break in your schedule, and with paper and pencil in hand, answer these two questions carefully and completely.

Emboldened by your honest and thoughtful answers, some will decide to follow the current course, but others, no doubt, will seek to change the direction of our country.

But just as important for our industry, during this exercise, you probably will uncover three or four commonly overlooked activities that could help you dramatically improve upon the performance of your carwash too.

A final thought: Don’t wait until the next presidential election to do this necessary examination again.

Going into the last few weeks of the year, astute operators must make aggressive plans to finish 2012 on a very positive note!