Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Being Green to make green

How my husband and I developed an eco-friendly product that saved our car washing and detailing business time and money.

“It is against EPA regulation 33 U.S.C. §1251 to use chemicals for detailing and washing a car for commercial purposes”

When I found out that our car washing and detailing business was in conflict with EPA regulations in our area, we were nervous to put it mildly. We had no idea we had been breaking the law and also quickly realized it would be hard to run a detailing business without any cleaning products. Rather than continue to break the law, or just give up… we developed a patented cloth that provides for a perfect streak free shine without harmful solvents or cleaners.

Shamerrific Automotive Cleaning Products were originally developed in 2008 and received its first patent in 2010. In that time we’ve supplied detailers, dealers, and car enthusiasts across the nation with a simple alternative to lengthy, expensive chemical processes. Throw out your bottles of solvent and time spent re-rinsing your fleet; try an innovation that saves money and the environment.

The hardest thing about this product has been converting skeptics about both its power to clean and ability to save money. There are lots of green innovations, even the big name brands are getting into the game. Rather than making something “green” just to appeal to a market, the key for us was to make something that also improved our bottom line.

“There are lots of green innovations… the key for us was to make something that also improved our bottom line.”

While we can’t give away all the secrets, the formula is simple. No cleaning products means less time washing or re-washing to remove streaks or buildup. How many times do your employees have to re-clean a portion of the car to get that perfect shine? Or go over it with a dust cloth once they’re done?

Stop wasting their time and increase your businesses capacity without adding extra space or hours of operation. We save our employees grief and provide a better working environment while also making them more productive.