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Blog: Guerrilla Marketing’s most important rule?

January 9, 2013

Do you think Guerrilla Marketer Jay Levinson saved the most important Golden Rule for last in his best-selling book?

You be the judge.

In Guerrilla Marketing Excellence. The Fifty Golden Rules For Small-Business Success, Golden Rule # 50 specifically states, “If you don’t take control of your marketing, your company’s future will be in the hands of your competition.”

Yikes!! What successful operator would follow for that terminal path?

If none of the earlier forty nine Golden Rules had made an impression, Levinson may have thought this last one, certainly, would grab you by the ears, while keeping your wallet from being picked clean!!

Carwash owners typically are very determined, creative, self-reliant and resilient.

The very notion, then, that an unworthy competitor could be dipping into their pockets regularly might throw a few unstable operators into an uncontrollable frenzy!

Admittedly, Levinson is not writing about you.

But I also wonder, did the Guerrilla Marketer do some basic market research?

Did he discover that many washes are operating at 70 percent capacity or less?

Did he learn, too, that some owners have not yet assigned (or hired) one skilled and trained person to “take ownership” of their carwash revenues?

Also, how many operators did Levinson uncover, who have not yet crafted a written six or twelve month marketing plan? Who will implement this detailed plan?

In each of these troubling cases, for sure, Golden Rule #50 applies. These are ill-fated operators. Without a fundamental marketing make over, their carwashes will continue to flounder badly.

To close, if your current marketing efforts make no genuine attempt to capture more customers, to build a larger customer base, shouldn’t you just give your keys to the chemical and equipment room to your toughest competitor, too?