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NJ carwash helps out officer's family

January 11, 2013

WAYNE, NJ — Jack and Sherrie Saldon, proprietors of Lincoln-Wayne Car Wash, had read about a local teen's efforts to raise money for the family of injured Officer Bob Franco, and decided to also help out and raise money, according to a Wayne Today story.

The Jan. 11 story said Officer Franco was injured during Hurricane Sandy when a tree fell on his police car.

"We saw the story and wanted to help Kevin out. The family is still in need of support and being we are in Wayne, we of course wanted to do what we could," Sherrie Saldon said in the story.

Multi-profit center helps out hurricane victims

For every $25 carwash gift card purchased, $5 will be donated to Hughes' fundraising efforts. Teenager Hughes had been selling candy canes for $1 each at Wayne Valley High School. He ended up raising over $900.

"The fact that Jack and Sherrie are taking out a portion of their profits to support someone close to me is extremely humbling. And that goes for everyone in the community who has chipped in any amount of money. Whether they know Bob or not, the willingness to help is amazing," Hughes said in the story.

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