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Blog: A costly oversight

January 17, 2013

Excellent operators, and those who aspire to be excellent, display two important and praiseworthy traits.

First,these operators always are concerned about the wash quality of their washes.

Next, excellent operators are also concerned about the operational and mechanical performance of their equipment.

Minor service issues might be temporarily overlooked, but as experienced operators know and fully appreciate, to maximize their revenues, they must be sure their washes are serviced regularly and exceptionally well maintained.

When it comes to consistently marketing their carwashes, however, even the best operators struggle to maintain a passing grade.

Very few operators, regrettably, earn high marks.

There is one major reason for this common oversight. Rarely is one person or company held accountable. Indeed, very few people in our maturing industry have the specific skill-set or background to market a wash properly, as a retail business.

This glaring shortcoming, of course, leads to a frightening loss of potential income.

At a typical c-store site, for example, an operator could lose $20,000 or more each year due to an inconsistent and ineffective marketing effort. Over the normal lifetime of an in-bay carwash, an inattentive operator could lose $180,000 in much-needed income!!

At a full-service or an express wash site, lost revenues are much, much higher.

Not surprisingly, Jay Levinson, the Guerrilla Marketer, has voiced his considered opinion on this important matter. Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing Golden Rule Number 11 states, “the more know-how you have about the overall marketing process, the more profits you will earn.”

To increase your revenues and profits at your wash this year, make it a top priority to invest in marketing your carwash professionally.

Excellent operators rely each week upon experienced and trained technicians to do their service, maintenance and chemical work, because it makes good business sense.

Marketing your carwash is no less important.