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Blog: 16 enabling principles

January 22, 2013

I truly am in awe of great leaders and thinkers who can look at the “big picture,” define a favorable outcome, and then divide that huge task into manageable segments. 

In recent meetings with experienced operators, I have suggested they divide their businesses into four distinct parts, to identify new ways to improve their profitability.

Perhaps this innovative approach and these four “big ideas” will help you too!         

Company Values (Why develop a carwash business?)

  1. A successful carwash effectively supports the local market, serves hundreds of commercial and residential customers, and adds value and significance to the lives of its employees and their families;
  2. A top-performing carwash creates a very unique and special “best in class” experience for every customer, and allows you to build a larger customer base.

Company/Carwash Goals

  1. Maintain a reasonable and achievable capture ratio at your carwash;
  2. Consistently increase wash counts and revenues each month;
  3. Become known and recognized as the preferred carwash for specific types of motorists in your local market.

Monthly Marketing Mandates

  1. Make one person or company accountable for your carwash program;
  2. Create, implement and evaluate cost-effective marketing plans each month;
  3. Identify, engage and capture new carwash customers each month;
  4. Have a specific program to build repeat business with your current customers;
  5. Market to specific segments or types of customers in your local market;
  6. Create targeted, direct mail campaigns three to six times a year at each site;
  7. Involve your tenured employees in designing customer appreciation days;
  8. Become the market leader in timely community outreach programs.

Weekly Operational Tasks

  1. Commit to “best in class” on-site service, signage and merchandising;
  2. Investigate other emerging technologies to build a larger customer base;
  3. Make your carwash exciting, different and fun, and it will become a regular destination point for satisfied and grateful motorists who will reward you richly.