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Blog: Keep the ball rollin’

February 5, 2013

Don’t stop now.

Building a durable customer base is a daily challenge. It is, indeed, an immense, ongoing task. 

Even for the best operators, creating a regular, consistent shopping pattern for their most important customers remains a necessary and vital activity.

As you know, the Super Bowl symbolized the start of a new and exciting retail year.

Not surprisingly, many retail businesses this past week announced special, attention-getting promos which benefited them enormously during this high-profile event.

For instance, one prominent restaurant chain, which has built a famous brand, featured a terrific in-store promotion Sunday: The winner at every participating store will enjoy a Free Wings appetizer each week for a year!

This promotion built a lot of traffic, and it surely created more positive buzz for other upcoming sporting events, like March Madness, the Masters and the Indy 500.

Marketing-savvy operators can glance at their calendars and see many other opportunities to sponsor Customer Appreciation Days.

What can you do, for example, to wash more cars on Valentine’s Day?

When you dial in to developing a consistent marketing program, you will note that every month has a day or an event when you can promote your wash.

Many upcoming Customer Appreciation Days are obvious: St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even Halloween, which has become a hugely popular retail period.

Spring Break and Back-to-School are important retailing periods too.

In short, don’t wait for new customers or even loyal ones to find your carwash. With several planned Customer Appreciation Days this year, give them an enticing reason to come in to your wash, and to come in often.

Those focused operators who are truly diligent in building a larger customer base will also be the same “lucky” ones who are building a bigger bank account!