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The art of PDR (paintless dent repair)

February 13, 2013

Paintless dent repair (PDR) can go hand in hand with paint touchup because many dings and dents that can be repaired by PDR can have chipped and cracked paint.

However, PDR is a skill that must be learned and then perfected. This means no less than 14 days of hands-on training and then intensive daily practice. I compare PDR with learning to play the piano. Depending on your aptitude and willingness to work, you might be able to learn the basics of piano in 14 days, but you are far from being able to play in a band or even at the local bar. It takes practice, practice, practice.

If you plan to add PDR to your in-house services, you must be able to give the proposed technician the time to perfect the skill before setting him loose on vehicles.  And, PDR requires a definite aptitude. The person must have good eyesight, have patience, be a perfectionist and take pride in his or her work.

They must also be someone you can count on being with the company for several years. Because, if they leave you, you are out of the PDR business.

If you are considering PDR, I suggest you either do it yourself or place an advertisement in the paper looking for paintless dent repair technicians. You can offer good pay and bonuses. Many people out there have been trained in PDR that may not be working at it any longer or are working for a PDR company that is not paying them well and would welcome an opportunity with your company.

With such a person in hand, you can save yourself a lot of money in training costs. Moreover, you have the security of knowing that there are people in the market you can hire should this person resign or be terminated.

Pricing for PDR tool systems without training can range from a few hundred dollars to about $3,000. Pricing is based on the number of tools you purchase and the accessories included with the tool kit. Training for two weeks can cost up to $10,000.