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Blog: Let's break the code

February 13, 2013

Do you agree: carwash revenue is the vital, life-sustaining blood of the industry?

It follows, then, that carwash revenue in the field, at the operators’ sites, is the most important metric for both operators and suppliers.

In today’s constricted market, nothing trumps carwash revenue as a measure of true performance for operators.

Similarly, carwash revenues are the best indicator and an accurate predictor for the continued success of the equipment suppliers, too.

Clearly, operators, distributors and manufacturers all benefit enormously from successful, high-volume carwash sites.

These stakeholders should consider a vigorous marketing initiative: building carwash revenues in the field with a dedicated and professional Marketing Support program.

This inspired course of action would lead to more profitable operators and more successful distributors. It would also produce more successful, profitable and innovative manufacturers, who could then better support the overhead which they must carry to design, build and improve upon their carwash systems.

Forward-looking distributors and manufacturers will break out of the “me too” pack as they intentionally support and partner with selected carwash operators who, in turn, consistently will generate the highest revenues in each individual market.

Higher wash revenues, you see, unquestionably create a very desirable win-win-win.

Operators win; they are washing more cars and making more money.

Participating manufacturers and distributors win too; operators are more successful financially, and there is greater demand for suppliers’ products and services.

Consumers win also; they will enjoy clean, shiny and dry cars more often.

Yet I talk to operators each week who do not have a written marketing plan, and no one can name even three suppliers who have developed and implemented a dedicated marketing support program in the field to increase carwash revenues.

Let’s close this onerous, unforgiving and gaping hole forever. Leading operators and equipment suppliers must step up this year, and break the code. In 2013, let’s elevate the industry at last to a higher level.