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Blog: Fighting fear effectively

February 20, 2013

There is no emotion more destructive, corrosive and debilitating for a business owner to experience than fear.

Nothing will destroy your dreams, sap your energy, and reduce your effectiveness than this sometimes suppressed yet palpitating feeling.

I speak from intense, personal experience.

In an earlier time, before age and infirmity shackled my unbridled energy and determination, I would dismiss the possible presence of fear on a tentative course of action.

Fear stood for “false expectations appear real,” I would casually comment, before charging ahead.

My real life experiences the past 10 years have made me a wiser man.

To be sure, I still consider myself to be a person of action. But I have learned now to develop a different skill. Before taking action, I strive to create a better, more accurate image or mental picture of the outcome which I want to achieve.

As a carwash owner, I encourage you to try this possibly life-changing exercise too.

To begin, picture in your mind your carwash operating each day at 80 percent capacity or higher. How many smiling, current customers do you see? How many new customers are you courteously servicing? Can you see your greeters, cashiers, employees and attendants comfortably handling this higher volume of traffic? Can you hear your customers comment on the prompt service they have received, and hear them say they will tell their friends and neighbors about their experience at your wash?  

Before you lose that well-defined picture, write down the four or five things as an owner/operator you have done to make this hypothetical but memorable event happen. Next, write down three or four things you can do better.

As always, I encourage you to seek feedback and new ideas from your experienced suppliers, too. They have a clear and legitimate interest in your greater success, too.  

Decisive, well-planned action always overcomes any uncertainties you may have.

 “Once men are caught up in an event, they cease to be afraid,” said Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a World War Two fighter pilot. “Only the unknown frightens men.”