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Blog: Do you hold enough high cards?

March 5, 2013

In a meeting recently with a new owner, I explained to him that operating a carwash was very much like winning a card game.

Whoever holds the most high cards will usually go home the winner!

For starters, I said that his property was like his Ace of Hearts. To operate at peak capacity, he needed to keep it meticulously clean, and to exercise it regularly to keep it running smoothly.

His carwash equipment was his Ace of Diamonds. Care for it like the valuable and precious jewel that it is, I said. Many OEMs today, truthfully, are designing and manufacturing very high quality equipment; they are diamonds!!

For best cleaning results, I explained he had to have an Ace of Clubs. Certain types of dirt and road grime need a beating. Use, but with caution, fast-acting chemicals with explosive cleaning power. Don’t short-change yourself or your customers by trying to penny-pinch here.

Finally, to find the best customers, I urged him to find an Ace of Spades. Marketing for reliable customers, and finding them, requires a lot of digging.

I may not have advanced his knowledge and skill as a card player, to be sure, but I do know this operator better understood that playing tens and jacks in this game would not make him a big winner as a carwash operator.

You can make your wash a huge winner when you consider your total investment to be a precious jewel, provide a quick and quality wash, and cultivate a solid customer base.

Play these Aces every day, and you will put your wash in considerably stronger position to be a repeat winner!!