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Chain-reaction carwash crash causes $8K in damages

March 11, 2013

THE BRONX, NY ― A carwash employee here was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee when he struck another car, causing a chain-reaction accident as well as $8,000 in damages to the customer's Jeep, the New York Post reported.

The March 10 story said Handwash employee Aldaberto Jose Sanchez first struck a Honda and then a light pole.

Sanchez then took off in the Jeep after the accident which occurred yesterday.

Update: Chrysler responds to carwash's ban

Was this a case of sudden unintended acceleration? It wasn't revealed in the story whether that is the case, but recently the Waterway carwash chain in and around St. Louis, MO, decided to stop washing Jeep Cherokees made before 2011 at its washes. A Waterway spokesperson said the national chain banned them after experiencing dangerous and costly incidents.

Chrysler Group LLC Spokesperson Michael Palese said in a KUSA-TV report that other types of vehicles have been know to suddenly accelerate and Waterway is unfairly targeting Jeeps.

Is SUA to blame for Jeep crashing into carwash?

"Actually this is an urban legend that was started up by the carwash association," Palese said in the story. "The International Carwash Association, some years ago, had it in their head that there was a problem with Jeep vehicles - and actually went on a little bit of a campaign trying to make this reputation stick."

Palese said the carwash environment is to blame.

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