Professional Carwashing & Detailing

This is the best tool for deep cleaning

March 13, 2013

Although steam is a great help, most operators will find that it is best to have both a hot water extractor and a dry vapor steam machine “on board.”

A hot water extractor is the best tool for deep cleaning and rinsing of carpets, mats, and fabric seats. The hot water coming out of the extractor’s nozzle head shoots deep into the material and the near-simultaneous action of the nozzle’s suction attachment extracts most of the water and emulsified debris. Nonetheless, even the most powerful extractors will leave carpeting and seats noticeably damp. Thus, drying apparatus like air movers are best used following extraction to remove any leftover dampness. This can be a problem for express detailing operations because the customer is forced to drive away with damp carpets or seats.

Dry vapor steam, on the other hand, cleans only the surface of the carpets or seats, leaving only a slight dampness on the surface of the fibers, which tend to air dry in minutes. This makes the dry vapor machine an excellent choice for express detailing operations. Moreover, the full-service detailer will find steam an excellent choice for lightly-soiled carpeting and fabric.

Steam also sanitizes on contact, as most germs are killed by the high heat. This is why steam cleaning is so popular in the medical field.

But the real benefit of steam for the professional detailer is its cleaning versatility. Steam helps with:

  • Stain removal,
  • Gum and candy removal,
  • Cleaning leather seats, headliners, and
  • Removing shoe scuffs and heavy grime.

It also helps with a myriad of other applications that are too many to discuss in this article. Not to mention that usually no chemicals are required.