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Blog: March Madness

March 15, 2013

There are two different forms of March Madness.

I am a hard-core victim of one highly contagious kind of March Madness.

I hope you are not an unfortunate victim of the other.

Beginning next week, I will be rendered “damaged goods” for the better part of three consecutive weeks, a hopeless captive of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.

My excuse is a valid one: My beloved and deserving Hoosiers should win the whole shooting match.

I will be insufferable, of course, should IU be crowned the national champion of this exciting and celebrated tourney for the sixth time.

Let’s look now at the other form of March Madness. This type is much more devastating than the one which attacks me and millions of other fans each year at this time.

Given what we know now in a still uncertain economy, it is indeed a wicked kind of March Madness, a deadly disease, if you do not have at this point in the new year, a clear and written marketing plan for 2013.

This is a terrible condition to endure; I wouldn’t wish this ruthless and fatal illness upon even the most dreadful Purdue, Michigan and UK fans.   

Seriously, going into April without a well-planned strategy to cultivate and capture more customers is not only unhealthy, it is also unnecessary and extremely ill-advised. 

This kind of March Madness would only be endorsed by your competitors!

Get in the game, create a written plan, and wash more cars.

The NCAA can crown only one national champion in April, but I know there are thousands of highly-qualified and very deserving car wash operators and owners who can certainly become leaders and champs in their own local markets.

Go for it!