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Public outcry cancels church's charity carwash

March 18, 2013

WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND — A church here called off a proposed carwash after deciding it was not suitable due to the current climate, the Northern Advocate reported.

The March 16 story stated that the church hung a banner advertising the parking lot carwash next to it's "pray for rain" sign. The wash was supposed to raise funds for the youth group's Easter camp, but it was postponed after two members of the public called opposing the wash.

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A spokesperson from the church noted that youth group members approached the local council asking if the carwash was still allowed. The district council said there were no water restrictions for the city and the carwash could go ahead. Even so, the church postponed the carwash and the banner was taken down.

The area does have rain forecasted for the next few days.

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