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Two washes raided for selling illegal fuel

March 27, 2013

BRADFORD, ENGLAND — Two carwashes here were raided earlier this month because they were suspected of trading in illegal fuel, Telegraph & Argus reported.

The March 5 story stated that the police crackdown was called Operation Squadman, and illegal fuel was found at both locations. Customs and Excise staff are seeking to have both carwashes closed after the findings.

Woman caught defacing carwash’s vacuums

Often, fuel stolen here from “make-offs” at local petroleum stations is going to legitimate businesses to be stored. During the raid here, police found tin cans that allegedly contained fuel and a fuel tanker carrying 2,000 liters of unregulated kerosene.

Once this type of stolen fuel is on-site, local taxi drivers and other people go to these businesses to fill up their vehicles. The increased activity can raise suspicions.

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