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Wash fined thousands for employing illegal workers

April 2, 2013

GOSPORT, ENGLAND — A carwash here was fined 10,000 pounds after they were caught employing illegal workers, The News reported.

The Feb. 4 story stated that a raid at The Car Wash happened in March of 2012, and it is unknown how many illegal workers were found at the firm.

City had contracts with labor law violating carwash

Between July 1 and Septebmer 30 of last year, five firms in Hampshire were fined for a total of 77,500 pounds. Also, nine illegal workers were deported from the United Kingdom with cases active on a further eight illegal workers.

"Our officers carry out regular operations throughout Hampshire to target unscrupulous employers who hire illegal workers. Illegal working is not a victimless crime as it cheats the taxpayer, undercuts honest employers and potentially exploits some of society’s most vulnerable people," Carla Johnson with the UK Border Agency said in the story. "It also deprives legitimate job hunters of employment opportunities. As these fines show, any employer involved in this sort of activity can expect to pay a heavy financial penalty."

CWONJ meeting covers OSHA, labor laws

According to the story, hundreds of businesses do not perform right-to-work checks on their staffs. The carwash was given the chance to prove the checks had been done before the workers were hired, but it did not do so.

Last year, the UK Border Agency handed out 1,200 penalty notices that added up to 6 million pounds in fines.

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