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Burglar's failure caught on camera

April 3, 2013

HOUSTON — A surveillance camera recorded footage of a burglar as he tried to steal a television from a carwash lobby, KHOU reported.

The April 1 story stated that the man broke into the lobby of the multi-profit carwash and oil change center, Dr. Gleem. Police are now looking for the failed burglar and trying to identify the man from the camera footage.

The surveillance video shows the man struggling to remove the TV from the wall, but he ended up leaving empty handed. "He is in and out in less than two minutes," Owner Kevin Jenkins said in the story. "It's hilarious and it's sad at the same time. We are praying for him."

Stereos stolen from detail shop

The attempted thief ended up causing about $500 worth of damage. Jenkins noted that last June another man broke into the carwash and tried to steal a safe. At another Dr. Gleem location, the carwash was burned down to the ground.

Even so, Jenkins hopes the suspect will turn his life around in the future. "I hope I see this guy in heaven one day. I really do," Jenkins said in the story.

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