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Detailer announces new set of offerings

April 5, 2013

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA — announced that several new car detailing packages and services would be added to its lineup, according to a press release.

The April 4 release stated that the biggest changes will be new low-cost, affordable packages. These selections will provide results without breaking the bank.

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Since many detail services are very labor intensive, they can sometimes take 10 to 20 hours and cost over $250, the release noted. But, new technology and detailing products now allow some detailers to get better results in a shorter amount of time.

The company's new basic detail will start at $130, and it includes:

  • Complete interior vacuum;
  • Carpet stain treatment;
  • Dusting of dash and center console;
  • Window cleaning;
  • High-pressure rinse;
  • Hand wash;
  • Wheel cleaning;
  • Clay bar treatment;
  • Light polishing; and
  • Paint sealant.

Other services available include headlight restoration and engine detailing.

Read the entire release here.