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Owner frustrated with customers’ hazardous waste

April 8, 2013

TEMPE, AZ — Salem Boys Car Wash owner Mark Salem said he is frustrated because at least twice a month someone dumps hazardous waste in his carwash bays, CBS 5 reported.

The April 5 story quoted Salem who said, "Anything that they don't want to take to the dump or they don't want to have to handle at home they'll come here, drop the tailgate and have at it."

Recently, security cameras caught someone rinsing paint that had spilled, out of the bed of U-Haul truck. All of the paint ended up going down his carwash’s drain. Another time someone dumped discarded gasoline and oil left over from an oil change down the carwash’s drain.

Down the drain know how

Randall Matas, with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, said in the story, "The main concern there is to human health and the individuals working in the sewer as well as the problems with properly treating that sewage at the treatment plant.”

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