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Drought should lead more to carwashes

April 8, 2013

MCKINNEY, TX — As much of Texas is still in drought status from last summer, with some areas listed as Exceptional Drought, a local writer put together a list of water-saving tips, according to Town Square Buzz.

The April 2 post entitled "Don't Pout the Drought" is made up of five ideas that include tips for home water usage, home cleaning, rain collection and some landscaping. Tip number two recommended the use of a professional carwash:

"2. Baby you can wash my car – but only if you are a car wash recycling at least 40% of your water. Trust me, they are out there. Also, ask the car wash if it is soaping your car with non-phosphate detergents and using green supplies including the glass cleaners and reusable rags..."

Drought causes 35 percent water rate increase

Further, the writer noted that there is a finite supply of potable water, and it is the user's responsibility to protect and conserve the resource.

Read the entire post here.