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Pollen count on the rise

April 10, 2013

Many areas are reporting high pollen counts and according to the website,, the worst cities as of today are: Greensboro, NC, Lexington, KY, Louisville, KY, Lynchburg, VA, and Richmond, VA.

Charles Brown, owner of Lee’s Magic Tunnel Car Wash in Huntsville, AL,  said they have even seen some customers coming in twice a week, WHNT reported.  “...there are a lot of times when pollen is back on the cars before they even leave the parking lot," Brown said in the April 10 story.

Fred Jordan, owner of the Neat and Clean Car Wash in Anniston, AL, they have seen an increase in business due to the pollen, The Anniston Star reported. The April 10 story quoted Jordan who said, "We offer quick spray downs of cars ... the only time we do spray-downs is during pollen season."

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WTVA reported on April 8 that one carwash in Tupelo, MS, was very busy last weekend. Carwash worker Michael Ledbetter said in the story, "Friday, it was 650. Saturday, it was a good 700 to almost 800 cars. Sunday, it was pretty good, too. I guess [for customers], the pollen, you just gotta get it off."